How To Keep Your Kids Away from Dangers of Ceiling Fans

There are many ceiling fans that are out in the market today. In fact, there are fans designed for kids alone since this is a great help to keep your children’s room cool during summer days. However, you should be aware of the things that you should do to prevent your child from any danger it may occur. Listed below are few of the guidelines:

Location – if you were to install a ceiling fan to your kid’s room, you should make sure of the location of where it shall be mounted. You install them in area where it is beyond the reach of your children. There are kids ceiling fan that are designed specifically for your kids.

Check the plugs – make sure that you unplug fans that are not in use. The cords should not be easily reached by your kid. You can shorten the plug so to avoid any accident.

Measure the height – the height is important in installing ceiling fans. There are safety recommendations that require ceiling fans to be 7 feet above the floor. Check the blades from time to time. Future accidents may happen during the operation of the ceiling fans if there are loose screws.

Modern fans – getting fans like contemporary ceiling fans are great advantage since it is easy to operate. Through the use of remote control, it is much safer to operate it than to do it manually.

Fine grills – being conscious for small details like the grills of the fan is also a great advantage. Choose those that have fine grills to prevent small fingers from entering to the machine.

Inform your child – having them aware of the safety habits is a great thing also. Even if you follow some of these steps to avoid your kids from the danger, educating them will really play an important part.